Deliverance And Healing Heart – With Mike Connell (English with Chinese Interpretation)

In my early years of ministry in Healing and Deliverance, I learned quite a lot from the practical teaching and impartation from servants of God like Mike Connell, even after graduating from a Bible College.
These teaching series in English comes with Chinese interpretation.
Be blessed, and be a blessing to others.
Below is the description of the teachings from the Youtube Channel of Mike Connell.

Session (1 of 2):

What we think or believe in or heart affects how we live out our life (Prov.23:7).
Unless we address the heart issues, change will not be lasting.
Religion tries to change us from the outside, but God imparts a better person into the heart.
Our battle is to believe what God says is true.
The fall of man came when man was deceived, and believed two lies:
1) God is not loving at all, he is stopping you getting ahead; and
2) If you want real freedom, take your own path.

Session (2 of 2):

After man fell, he experienced guilt, shame, fear – Adam & Eve sought to cover themselves and hide from God.
Explore how God handled Adam & Eve –
by initiating connection and asking questions –
relational questions (where are you? what is happening in your life) and
truth questions (did you eat the fruit of the tree?).
How we respond to consequences.

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