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God says, I will HEAL my people and will let them enjoy abundant Peace and Security (Jeremiah 33:6)
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All over this world, hearts are hurting and in need of a personal touch from Jesus, the one who brings healing and renewal. Prayer Box provides an opportunity for those who need prayer to post their requests, and allows those who would like to intercede for others a way to do so.

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Request TitleSubmitted By# PrayersDate
Pray for children in our ministry from poor families. Thanks Anonymous209-18-2023
Pray for our mission school students do not have bibles and graduation is December 2023
HealingBindu Johnson 309-05-2023
Please pray for successful surgery of the spine for my daughter Sarah who has scoliosis. Please pray for successful straightening of the spine. Please pray for her studies.She should get A+ in all subjects.
Protrction from evilHilton Y308-11-2023
I am a media worker living in Taiwan who has been experiencing strange verbal harassment from some people in my neighborhood for over two years. Besides actual harassment from these people, I also experience taunting voices at night that sound just like the people harassing me such as certain neighbors. I hope that you can please pray that the Lord can protect me and my household from these verbal and spirotual attacks, and break the devil\\\'s hold over these people harassing me. Thank you.
General William Goh308-09-2023
1) Pray for my Brother in Christ, Johnathan Goh that he will continue to respond to my whatsapp messages quicker and that the meeting on 16 Aug will materialize and he will agree to future meet ups and most importantly he will rekindle himself to God 2) Pray that my dad will learn to control his emotions towards people around him and that he will be less sensitive and controlling towards my mum. 3) Pray for my Brother in Christ, Yu Han,that he will choose to respond to my whatsapp message and most importantly rekindle himself back to God. 4) Pray for myself that i will receive invitations for focus group that i have sign up.
Healing Emily Tan 307-24-2023
I would like to pray for my anklyosing spondlylosis to be healed , especially the tightness of my spine and my legs to be reduced . I would also like to pray for my husband to be healed from his HIV condition , as well as my dad who has pancratic cancer and my mum who needs healing for her mental wellness. Please pray for my family to recover from mental and physical illness and to be well soon. I give my full thanks to God. In Jesus\\\'s name i pray, Amen !
That God will provide me a stable jobAnonymous405-16-2023
Pray that God will provide me a stable job and help me to overcome spiritual warfare. Especially my mum and sister have been verbally and physically abusive before. Pray that the demons using them will be defeated and bound. And that God will provide a way out for me.
Help.. Urgent.. Jo Lim303-27-2023
Dearest Brothers and Sisters in Christ..please help me and call more people to help me pray strongly against the witchcraft of my hubby's mum, ex brother, brother's wife, the wife's father and mother, the wife's relatives and all the known and unknown witchcraft warlords.. I am feeling v v v terribly.. Last night, freezing, since then felt v v v sick and difficult to breath.. .. This morning, high fever, cancer and spirit of death and etc.. Because they not happy now I help my hubby get better.. And they want to kill me and my family ..Pray for me and our family..They been trying to take our life for 18 years +..Yesterday, my husband and my 2nd son went to the witch ex mum's house to eat dinner.. After eating the food..they have terrible headache and heart pain.. Heart like got parasites moving around.. Body he is violent and keeps venting anger.. Ranting at us.. Due to the witchcraft..Today, my youngest daughter out of the blue..suddenly had very high fever..I am now feeling v v v terribly.. freezing, since then felt v v v sick and difficult to breath.. .. Stomach v v v v pain... Help... , high fever, cancer and spirit of death and etc We know the ex mum wants us dead... too.. Please help to pray for me, my children and family. Thank you so much.Please help to cover us with prayers every moment.. With gratitude..
Prayer RequestKevin Tan503-26-2023
Please pray for Kevin Tan and family to have better finances and that all their needs and wants are fulfilled as soon as possible. Thank you.
Prayer requestJavier-Maria Alonso303-14-2023
I ask for prayers for my marriage. That let us always fight with Christ and never be separated. Because of this marital crisis. That all the decisions that we make are to strengthen the union, the marriage. For my inner healing. For my concern. For my emotional injuries. Thank you very much for your prayers.
Healing LoveAnonymous303-12-2023
I would like to humbly seek your help for prayer support for my most beloved Clarina, who is currently suffering from a digestive health condition. Please pray for her to completely heal. Please pray that she will be guided and disciplined with a healthy lifestyle. Please pray that she will be able to manage stress due to major changes in her life, specially with love and relationship, that she may be able to decide to pursue what her heart desires, and pray that she\\\'ll be truly be contented with her life decisions. Please pray that she will be able to achieve her life dreams and goals that would make her fulfilled. Please pray that she can finish her education in psychology, that she may be able to be of service to more people who will need her expertise to be guided in their life. Please pray that she will be truly happy, healed from all sickness, fulfilled with purpose in life, and she may always have clarity and peace of mind. Thank you for praying with me. I pray and claim for all these to manifest because of our faith in miracle and great love. God Bless you all! AMEN