In our Ministry of Healing and Deliverance, people often ask how they can discern if the person who is sick or suffering is due to spirits.

In essence, what the person is asking is whether we can really distinguish between spirits:

  • God, the Holy Spirit
  • Satan, the Demonic Spirit
  • Human Spirit


In the Manual on God’s Provision For Healing, Dr. AL Gill said,

This powerful teaching on healing lays a solid Word foundation which releases the faith of the students to receive their own healing, walk in health, and boldly minister healing to others.

Many will be healed as this revelation comes alive in their spirits.

According to the book of Mark, Jesus’ final words of instructions before leaving this earth were, “they shall lay their hand on the sick and they shall recover.”

This book gives practical instructions on How to Minister Healing to the Sick.


You can download the PDF Manual on God’s Provision For Healing and watch the Video or listen to the Audio at his website:


You can also desire first to have a taste of How to Receive and Minister Healing by watching the following video: